Between Two / Marc Scheps

Dedicated to the work of Dina Recanati

Between the eternal and the provisional

Between the monumental and the intimate

Between memory and dream

Between sorrow and joy

Between the stable and the fragile

Between the rigid and the tender

Between the dark and the bright

Between the condensed and the friable

Between the second and third dimensions

Between the obscure and the transparent

Between shades and colors

Between despair and hope

Between the black and the white

Between the black and the red

Between the static and the dynamic

Between the overt and the covert

Between the cry and the silence

Between the heavy and the light

Between the fast and the slow

Between the whisper and the allusion

Between being and not being

Between fall and elevation

Between the micro and the macro

Between depth and surface

Between movement and observation

Between the cold and the warm

Between the natural and the imaginary

Between the full and the empty

Between the eye and the hand

Between the heart and the spirit

Between humility and doubt

Between the heart and the soul

Between all the extremities

Between all the contradictions

Between all the hesitations

Between all the chasms

Between all the urgencies

Between all the defeats

Between all the victories

Between all the disappointments

Between all the loves

Between all of these

In between

Are born the marvelous works

Of Dina

And are engraved deep in

Our memory

January 11, 2008, Tel Aviv